Vladimir Horowitz   Analysis 2

Summary of the composers and the frequency of the recordings




 Table II summarized a list of the composers, the frequency and availability of the recordings. There were some program recorded only once,while others with over 10 times for the official issuance. The most popular repertoire was Schuman Traumerei for 37 times and Moszkowski Etincelles for 21 times, these were one of his favorite encore pieces. Variation on a theme from Bizet’s Carmen for 18 times and Scarlatti Sonata L.23 (K.380) were for 19 times. Repertory Listing  listed all repertoires with data of frequency. There are also some piano pieces Horowitz played in recitals but never recorded. For example, in the recital program, 32 of Liszt piano works were played in the recital, of which 16 piano works were archived but other 16 were not. Repertory Listing compiled the unrecorded piano works as well.

 Let me explain Table 2; Column A has the times of work or music composition by Horowitz. Column B has the numbers of piano works that were not recorded nor released yet. Row Cn (C1, C2…) stands for the number of releases.

For example, please see “Beethoven Row”; Horowitz played Beethoven’s 14 piano works, of which 6 were not recoded nor released yet, 3 were released only 1 time (C1), 2 were recorded at the different time and released (C3), 1 was played 3 times (C3) and another was played 4 times (C4). Piano Sonata No.28 was performed 10 different times and released by CD.

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