Live Recordings of Vladimir Horowitz

Appendix VI  Horowitz Live Recordings

The table below is a summary of Horowitz live recordings. These were commercially released and available by CD, which are listed by the chronologic order. I strongly believe that the live recordings are the best way to approach Horowitz and learn his piano performance. In the live recordings, you hear some wrong notes. Nevertheless, it delivered great excitements away beyond the studio recordings, and you feel such emotional sensation. Wrong notes are the only secondary events. We could experience the best performance and artistic quality of Horowitz piano performance from the live recordings. As often the case, most of the live recordings released by Major Labels were partially edited. In such case, it was marked with “#” (for example, RCA #). For the repertory listing, please refer to “Concertography” within The HOROWITZ Website.

The definition of note;

      Radio broadcast (according to the HOROWITZ Website) 

**   TV broadcast

#    Including the part of the recordings or edited version.

If Not marked #, it means the unedited version and fully archived in CD.

+    There were more CDs editions available.

For CD numbers, please prefer to Appendix II.5 CD Discography. 

     The original source from Ishii’s private collection 

CH            CD number from Carnegie Hall CD BOX released by SONY in 2013.

VH            CD number from Live Recording 1966-1983 released by SONY in 2015. 

Yale Collection M (n) “M” means the number from Yale Collection. “n” means the number of piano works that were released by CD. For more detail, please refer to Appendix IV.


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