Discography of Vladimir Horowitz (Appendix Ⅱ)

 Discography of Piano Roll, 78, 45, LP  and CD.


    Piano Roll  Discography

      78   Discography

      45   Discography

      LP  Discography

      CD  Discography


 The following is a discography of Piano Roll, 78, 45, LP and CD. Considering the reality that it is now difficult to find the original Piano Roll, 78 and 45 and listen to the original sounds of these recordings, I also added the LP and CD number that was reproduced from Piano Roll, 78 and 45 as supplemental information. 

For LP collection, the country code was given within the record number, in addition to CD number that had the same contents in relation to LP. For CD collection, since there are too many existing CDs, the discography had summarized only the name of recording company and CD number, while no country code was given. Instead, CD jacket photo on the book had disclosed the country origin .