Index  of  Appendix


 Appendix  Piano Roll, 78, 45, LP  Database

  .1  Piano Roll  Database 

  .2  78  Database

      .2.1    78  Record  Number  List  of  HMV  

      .2.2   78  Record  Number  List  of  RCA

  Ⅰ.2.3   78  RCA/HMV Table 

  Ⅰ.2.4   78  Release Year

  .3   45  Database

.4   LP  Database

  Ⅰ.4.1    Piano Roll LP

  Ⅰ.4.2    HMV/Angel/Seraphim/EMI/Pathe/Electrola/Toshiba LP

  Ⅰ.4.3    RCA: The First Half Period LP

  Ⅰ.4.4    Columbia/CBS/CBS SONY/SONY Classical LP   

    Ⅰ.4.5    RCA: the Second Half Period LP

  Ⅰ.4.6    Deutsche Grammophon  LP

  Ⅰ.4.7    LP from other Labels

Appendix   Discography of Piano Roll, 78, 45, LP , CD and Videography

.  Piano Roll  Discography 

.2   78   Discography 

.3   45   Discography 

.4   LP  Discography 

.5   CD  Discography 

.6   Videography

Appendix   The Contents of  Important and Fundamental CD , LP and Video

.1  CD reproduction from Piano Roll 

.2  CD by EMI and Other Labels from HMV recordings 

.3  CD reproduced by RCA during Horowitz life time 

.4  RCA “The Vladimir Horowitz Edition” (22 CDs) 

.5  CD by RCA (the first release)

.6  CD by Non-Major Label produced from RCA recordings 

.7  CD by CBS produced from Columbia LP (the first CD release) 

.8  Sony Classical CD Collection; “The Complete Masterworks Recordings” (13 CDs) 

.9  CD by CBS/Sony Classical from unreleased recordings 

.10  CD by Deutsche Grammophon

.11  The first release live recital CD by Non-Major Label

.12  CD by Non-Major Label (the live recital recordings)

.13  The first release piano concerto CD by Non-Major Label 

.14  CD by Non-Major Label (archives from rare LP, including piano concerto)

.15  CD by Non-Major Label (valuable recordings of which LP was hard to be reached in the past period)

.16  Carnegie Hall Live (including “Horowitz on TV”)

.17.1  The Unreleased Live Recordings 1966-1983

.17.2  The Great Comeback  Vladimir Horowitz at Carnegie Hall

 .18 Important and Fundamental LP Database contents 

.18 Important and Fundamental LP Database contents 

          18.1  HMV/Angel/Seraphim/EMI/Pathe/Toshiba

           18.2  RCA   The First Half Period

           18.3  COLUMBIA / CBS

           18.4  RCA  The Second Half Period

           18.5  Deutsche Grammophon(DG)

           18.6  SONY

           18.7  Non Major Labels

          18.8  Others

          18.9  Piano Rolls

  .19  Video

Appendix  IV  Carnegie Hall Private Recording and Yale Collection

IV.1   Horowitz Private Recordings 

IV.2  Yale Collection Recording Date and Programs 

IV.3  Yale Collection Discography

 Appendix  V  Repertoire Listing

 Appendix  VI  Horowitz Live Recordings

 Appendix  VII   Private Source