Appendix I.1 Piano Roll 

I.1  Vladimir Horowitz Piano Roll Database 

 Summarized below is the list of Piano Roll recordings made by Horowitz. Horowitz engaged in the Piano Roll recording session with WELTE-MIGNON in Germany and Aeolian (“Duo-Art”) in the U.S.



    WM 4118  RACHMANINOFF    Prelude No.6 in g, Op.23-5

    WM 4119  HOROWITZ          Danse excentrique (Moment exotique)
    WM 4120
 HOROWITZ         Variations on a theme from Bizet’s Carmen
BACH=BUSONI      Adagio,and Fugue from Toccata C,BWV564(only Adagio)                                      

               SCHUBERT=LISZT   Liebesbotschaft (No.1 from Schwangesang), D 957

    WM 4122  LISZT               Valse oubliée No.1 in F#

    WM 4123 RACHMANINOFF  Prelude No.16 in G, Op.32-5

                    Prelude No.23 in g#, Op.32-12
     WM 4124
 BACH=BUSONI      Adagio, and Fugue from Toccata C, BWV564

   WM 4125  CHOPIN           Mazurka No.21 in c#, Op.30-4

      WM 4126   CHOPIN          Mazurka No.40 in f, Op.63-2 

                                                    Mazurka No.41 in c#, Op.63-3

    WM 4127  BACH=BUSONI    Organ Prelude and Fugue in D, BWV532

      WM 4128  LISZT=BUSONI     Fantasie on two motives from Mozart’s The marrage of Figaro

    WM 4130  CHOPIN           Etude No.5 in Gb, Op.10-5 Black Key

                                        Etude No.8 in F, Op.10-8

  DUO-ART  (1928)

     DA7447/ A 108  SAINT-SAENS=LISZT    Danse macabre

 DA 7250-4     HOROWITZ          Variations on a theme from Bizet’s Carmen 
      DA 7260-3
     HOROWITZ          Waltz in f

      DA 7281-4    TCHAIKOVSKY       Dumka in c, Op.59
     DA 7282-3     SCHUBERT=LISZT   Liebesbotschaft (No.1 from Schwangesang), D 957
     DA 7287-4     CHOPIN      Etude No.6 in eb, Op.10-6
                        Etude No.24 in c, Op.25-12                                                                                                    
      DA 7450-8
    RACHMANINOFF    Prelude No.19 in a, Op.32-8
      Prelude No.21 in b, Op.32-10